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What is Men’s Favourite Colour? I bet You Know it and Probably Wearing It

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What is Men’s Favourite Colour? I bet You Know it and Probably Wearing It

Philip Cohen asked sample of 2000 men and women a very simple question which colour you like? Not surprisingly both gender turned out to be favouring Blue as their favourite colour. But wait, we stereotype women with Pink colour but how come Blue became their colour. It might be because we use to see Blue colour most of the time as Sky looks blue. But of course this is not the reason. Whatever the reason is, I like Blue too.


By the way, Men are more attracted to women wearing Red colour according to Research by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta of University of Rochester. But do Women prefer Red colour on Men. Oops! As you already know both Women and Men share same taste of colour when it comes to Blue. But hey Men don’t trust blue all the time. Men need to look in mirror first before deciding which shirt colour to wear. Check your hair colour, skin tone and of course your wardrobe (most of the time I have only blue and white shirts, don’t have much options). But don’t forget about the Occasion for which you are wearing your shirt. If you can’t decide among shirt colours than White and Blue colour shirts will always save your days (fingers crossed).

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